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"Mapping & Documenting Cemeteries" Book
  Second Edition now available. This is a practical how-to book that guides the reader throught the process of mapping and documenting a cemetery with easily available tools and basic skills. Included are instructions on creating a map, gathering an inscription database, and
assembling a spreadsheet of related information, such as from deeds. Each step is illustrated and accompanied with easy to understand directions.

Order from here: Mapping & Documenting Cemeteries

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Book Review by Ryan Seidemann. --AGS Quarterly: Bulletin of the Association for Gravestone Studies
Pamela Goffinet has assembled a "how-to" manual for the systematic recording of cemeteries in her book, Mapping & Documenting Cemeteries.
In a time when geographic information systems (GIS) technology dominates the cartographic industry, it is refreshing to see an "everyman"
approach to mapping. ... The book is copiously illustrated so that even the most mathematically- or geographically-challenged person can implement
her approach. ... Her method keeps taphology within reach of the avocational researcher and under-funded academic, not requiring technology that
prices out everyone without a large research grant.

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